Richard Parker

Richard and his husband Mike have been advocates for equality here in Montana.  They were co-plaintiffs in a law suit against the State of Montana requesting equal protections for same-sex families ( ).  They raised their son Kevin here in Bozeman and wanted to ensure ALL families were protected under the law in Montana.  Their lawsuit was filed in 2010 and went in front of the Montana Supreme Court and ruled on in 2012.  The court agreed the complaint was valid but the request was too broad and were denied.  The court did allow the plaintiffs to file an amended complaint which was done in 2014 and was in the review process when marriage equality was granted in Montana in June of 2015.  The case has since been closed.

Richard is the youngest of 9 children born and raised in Yorkville and Whitesboro, NY.  After a 6 year enlistment in the Navy as a nuclear reactor operator, he moved to Bozeman in 1999 and has lived here ever since.  He is a mechanical engineering graduate from Montana State University and works for Bozeman Public Schools in the facilities department as their building systems energy manager.

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