Rosemary Freemyer

Rosemary moved to Bozeman, Montana, in April of 2006. For 31 years, she lived in Texas.  Rosemary was born and raised in New Mexico.

In 2011 when PFLAG Bozeman/Gallatin Valley was formed, she became a board member.  Rosemary serves presently as Treasurer.

Rosemary became involved as an Ally for the LGBT community during the first Pride Convention in Bozeman. By the following year when Pride was held, she considered herself an Advocate. She has been actively involved in sharing information, being supportive and strives to especially reach the homeless youth in Bozeman.

Rosemary has two girls and five grandchildren. Two of them are “Rainbow Persons”. Although an older woman, she feels the challenges of today with PFLAG keep her young at heart. She and another board member wear T-shirts that say, “FREE HUGS”, to encourage those struggling to find their peaceful place in our world.